Disability Compliance for Higher Education

“Disability service providers should subscribe for the current case law descriptions that help you stay current and the articles that include strategies that are reader-friendly and extremely helpful.”
Stephanie Gaddy, Consultant, Professor, University Supervisor, College of Education and Leadership, Walden University

Disability Compliance for Higher Education gives you insightful analysis of disability and privacy laws and proven techniques for accommodating your students and staff with disabilities. Each month you'll learn how to:

  • Use assistive technology to meet students' needs
  • Avoid practices and policies that have triggered Office for Civil Rights' investigations
  • Improve access to school facilities, campus-wide
  • Work with faculty and staff to effectively accommodate students

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Learn the successful strategies used by experienced DS providers nationwide.
  2. Get expert advice on thorny disability-related issues from attorneys specialized in disability.
  3. Use the articles to convince faculty and administration to comply with disability laws.
  4. Discover the impact of disabilty law regulation changes while there's still time to prepare for them.
  5. See how the courts and OCR are ruling to learn what's needed to keep your campus out of legal hot water.

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Disability Compliance for Higher Education helps you understand your obligations to students and staff with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other anti-discrimination and education laws. You'll know what these complex laws require so you can fully comply.

You'll also be up to date on new Office for Civil Rights' letters so you know which actions violate the law. You'll learn the outcomes of relevant court cases and get the latest news on how institutions and courts are responding to the ADA Amendments' broadening of who is considered disabled under the ADA-so you can assess and alter the policies that leave your institution vulnerable to lawsuits. Keep abreast of best practices with these features:

A Brief Conversation: Presents enlightening conversations with disability services leaders. Find out what respected professionals are doing to address issues including universal design, accessibility, and documentation.

Of Counsel: Top attorneys offer practical advice on topics such as service animals, supporting students with Aspberger syndrome, and Web page accessibility.

Managing Your Office: Provides you with the guidance you need to sharpen your management and leadership skills to run your unit efficiently.

Quick Study: Highlights a specific area, such as admissions, and includes an overview, key rulings, and helpful tips-so you can meet your legal requirements and avoid potential lawsuits.

Legal Roundup: Updates you on the latest OCR letters and judicial decisions involving Section 504 and the ADA.

Etc: Presents must-know news and resources for disability service providers, along with tips on universal design and specific ideas on how to go the extra mile to support students with disabilities.

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  • Meet the Editor

    Joan Hope
    Managing Editor

    Joan Hope became editor of Disability Compliance for Higher Education in 2014. She brings years of experience in higher education and journalism to her work.

    Joan taught writing and literature courses for eight years at colleges and universities including Indiana University at Bloomington, Clark University, and Houston Community College. As a freelance journalist, she published hundreds of articles in newspapers, magazines and reference books.

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